It’s Elev8’s Birthday!

Our first year has been a whirlwind. The Megaformer debuted in Manila on July 15, 2017, and we have successfully completed 2,235 classes with 11,183 visits!! We are here because of YOU! We are incredibly grateful for the new friends that we have made in Manila. Your dedication and ability to exceed fitness goals as high as the sky has amazed us. You are stronger than ever and you continue to impress us daily.

Thank you to our Founding Members who took a chance on Elev8 by committing to a mega year of shakes, burns, and sweat! Thank you to our friends who we have the pleasure of seeing multiple times throughout the week and also to those who have Elev8’ed only once – we continue to learn from each and every one of you everyday. You are our fuel, our fire, and our inspiration.

Check out mega fun video we made to look back on our last year!

Cheers to another year of lunging and planking!

With love,

Maus + Janie