Elev8 Plank Off!

We had so much fun doing a Valentine’s Day Plank Off Contest! You are all Mega strong and impressed us so much! Cheers to our winners, Nikki, Franceen, Mel, Claudia, Kris, Rory, and Geraldine for their super star planking efforts! Collectively, they held a plank for 27 minutes! Awesome! 

We love a good plank here at Elev8. It’s a great exercise to fire up the core during your workout on the Megaformer. Planks work a range of muscles, from your abs to your triceps, shoulders, and lats. There are multiple modifications and variations to a standard plank that make it a versatile exercise for all fitness levels.

Modifications include dropping to your knees, reducing your spring load on the back of the machine or increasing your spring load on the front of the machine. Variations include increasing your spring load on the back of the machine or reducing your spring load on the front of the machine. Sometimes we like to add a pike to get deeper into those lower abdominal muscles for extra fun!