Spotlight: Team Elev8!

On Sunday, Team Wetheads (Instructors Janie Buelow and Mel Torre and Elev8 client Tiffany Hong) took first place at the Mount Mayon Triathlon, All Women’s Relay! Read on to learn more about how Elev8 helped them prepare for the big win!

How did you come up with your team name?

During our training, Elev8 got into a little trouble with Ore Central when Tiffany walked through the lobby with a towel on her head after showering from her Megaformer class. We all had a good laugh about it and agreed that Team Wetheads was both hilarious and appropriate. The light-hearted name exemplified the initial goal of having fun together. The race announcer agreed that it was the best team name, despite not knowing its backstory.

How did Elev8 help you prepare for first place at Mount Mayon Triathlon? 

Mel: Elev8 definitely helped me build lots of muscle endurance and mental toughness. My legs were burning and twitching towards the end of the bike leg, but I knew I could still push harder because I’m used to the burn πŸ™‚ 

Tiffany: Elev8 made me stronger both physically and mentally. Learning to push through the pain and exhaustion helped a lot, especially halfway through the course when I was getting tired and discouraged.
Janie: At Elev8, we work to the point of fatigue so being familiar with the burn that I felt during my run was key to mentally and physically preparing me for the tough and steep hills of Mount Mayon. 

What Elev8 move was the most beneficial for training?

Mel: I truly believe that Runners Lunge was my best friend for this event! 

Tiffany: I would say all of them. When it comes to swimming, you use your whole body. The moves we did in class were really helpful in making sure that my body was fit enough to do the event. 

Janie: No pun intended, Runners Lunge. πŸ™‚

What advice would you give to people interested in training for a triathlon or marathon?

Mel: Mental toughness plays a huge part in any endurance event; train your brain to handle pain and you’ll give yourself an advantage. Plan your workouts well so you’re not fatigued when your event comes around. Know your body and know the race course so you know when to hold back a bit and when to push hard.

Tiffany: Do other workouts and attend Elev8 classes to supplement your training.

Janie: 1.) Find friends to train with, regardless if you’ll race together or not. Your training buddies will instill accountability during preparation and the race. When Tiff shared her practice swim times or Mel offered stats on her latest ride, it inspired me to lace up for a run. They both encouraged me to maintain a 6 day a week training regimen.

2.) Pick a scenic and beautiful place to race and turn it into a mini holiday. The scenery was epic during the race. 

3.) Eat and drink clean. I was more conscious of my protein intake 2 weeks prior to the race to help strengthen and repair my muscles from training. To maximize hydration, I didn’t drink any alcohol 2 weeks prior to the race and only drank water and non-caffeinated tea.

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