The Elev8 Method is a 45-minute, full-body workout that burns fat and sculpts lean muscle faster than any other fitness program. Our classes combine strength, endurance, cardiovascular, balance, flexibility, and core training, saving you time and maximizing results. Our method is all about activating your slow-twitch muscle fibers through slow, controlled movements.

The cardio element of our classes is reached by removing rest periods and making fast transitions from one exercise to the next. At Elev8, longevity is key. That’s why our classes are a high intensity, low-impact workout that is safe on the joints, spine, and connective tissues.

You can expect to burn up to 500-800 calories in each muscle-shaking class. You will begin to see changes in your body after one month by attending classes 2-3 times a week.


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Improves body composition

Muscle Icon

Increases muscular strength and endurance

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Improves core strength

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Increases bone mineral density

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Reduces stress, improves self-image and confidence

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Improves cardiovascular efficiency and metabolic rate

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Increases flexibility and balance

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Increases calorie after burn post-workout


megaformer cropped
Elev8 Fitness Studio brings the advanced spring resistance trainer to the Philippines for the first time! Our customizable spring-load system allows for endless possibilities of exercises, modifications, and variations. It’s impossible to plateau at Elev8, ensuring your workout is always advancing with your strength and muscle growth!
Our advanced spring resistance trainer sculpts your body and improves dynamic fitness. The machine features a stationary platform on each end with a carriage that glides in two directions, multiple spring resistance, and adjustable handles and straps.
Spring Life

There are eight springs on each machine – three red and five yellow. When at full extension, each red spring bears 40 pounds of weight, while each yellow spring bears 7 pounds of weight. The springs have two functions – to offer assistance while exercising on the front of the machine, and to offer resistance while exercising on the back of the machine.

At Elev8, you’re the boss of your workout! The method is modifiable for all ages and physical levels. Whether you’re adjusting your spring load, repositioning your body, or limiting your range of motion, you have the freedom to make your workout as intense or as manageable as you’d like!