Express Lunge
Elev8 Full Body is designed for everyone, with seasoned athletes and first timers working out side-by-side. This 45-minute, full body workout will push you outside your comfort zone, while offering both variations and modifications for those looking to make their workout more intense or manageable. Anyone can do this workout and thrive in class.

Pre/Post-Natal - Active Recovery - Post-Op

Pregnancy - Kneeling Torso Twist 3
In this 45-minute class, you will find a highly modified Elev8 workout designed to offer holistic benefits for pregnancy, post-birth, active recovery, and post-operation. These classes are open to everyone, including those that are active in their pregnancy, new to fitness, or new to Elev8. Our highly trained staff is committed to offering the safest and most effective workout for you, wherever you may be in your fitness journey.


This combo class includes 25 minutes on the Curve Treadmill and 25 minutes on the Megaformer spring resistance trainer. In this class you get the best of both worlds – cardiovascular work and strength training! On the Curve we will focus on intervals designed to mirror the beat of the music, including a walk, jog, run and sprints. On the Megaformer we will focus on core, arms, abs, and obliques. This class is designed for all levels, whether this is your first time running or you are preparing for a race.


Tread + Tone - Sprint
Your heart is sure to get pumping in this 30-minute class on our state-of-the-art Curve Treadmills! We follow the beat of the music with a methodology designed around the concept of Rates of Perceived Exertion (RPE), which allows us to teach to a group of people at varying levels. This class is perfect for both new and seasoned runners. Pair it up with your Full Body schedule to round out your workout regime.


Hug a Tree
In this 45-minute class, it’s all about the abs, arms, and obliques! This class structure is chosen at the discretion of your Instructor. It aims to challenge our advanced students yet is supportive to those who are new to Elev8, or even to fitness. Ask your Instructor when you can test out this class next.