Soul Train 2

This 45-minute class is dedicated to teaching the essential moves and foundation of Lagree Fitness. Foundations guides you through the essential Lagree moves, giving you ample time in each exercise for transitions and form correction. This class is great for familiarizing yourself with both the workout and the Megaformer.

Prerequisite: None


Escalator Lunge w Pole

This is our most popular class at Elev8. The Megaformer Workout is designed for everyone, with seasoned athletes and first timers working out side-by-side. This 45-minute, full body workout will push you outside your comfort zone, while offering both variations and modifications for those looking to make their workout more intense or manageable.

Prerequisite: None


Giant Chest Press

Do you run or cycle often? This is the perfect compliment to your lower body workout. It’s all about the abs, arms, and obliques in this 45-minute  class! Participants must be comfortable using the entire Megaformer. While modifications are allowed, they are rarely offered.

Prerequisite: You must have completed 10 Megaformer Workout classes to join an Arms, Abs, Obliques class.


Super Lunge-small

The legs are the biggest calorie burners in your body, so we focus on a heavy leg sequence in this 45-minute class. Expect a higher heart rate, fast transitions from the front to the back of the machine, and amped-up vibes.

Prerequisite: You must have completed 10 Megaformer Workout classes to join a Cardio Leg Party class.