MBO App Support

Technology isn’t perfect. In fact, sometimes it’s just flat out annoying, but we are here to help! We have recieved a lot of inquiries regarding the MBO app instructing you to call the studio to book class, even though you may have sessions in your account. If you are experiencing this error, you can follow the steps below to correct the issue.  

  1. If you look at the schedule in the MBO app and it instructs you to call us, simply tap on the class name to see the class description page.
  2. When you look at the bottom of the screen you will see the option to proceed with the booking.
  3. If you see the option “Next”, you should then be able to proceed with the booking and use your active package. 

If you are ever having issues booking classes online or in the app you can reach out to a Front Desk Rockstar and they can help you troubleshoot any issues you have. Happy booking!