The more classes you take, the more chances you have to win! For each class you take, you will be entered into a drawing for a 5 Session package when the studio reopens. 

Any unused sessions upon studio reopening will be converted to credit for future Elev8 classes. LIVE packages are eligible for sharing with no limits – grab your squad and support your favorite instructor!

1 Session
3 Sessions
5 Sessions
5 Tread Recordings





Join us for our LIVE classes! Live at Home Sessions are a way to support our community, instructors, and admin staff. By joining these classes, you have the power to be the hero!


  1. Purchase a package above.
  2. Sign up for class on our website or in the MBO app through either studio location.
  3. We will send a link to you 30 minutes before the class start time for you to join Zoom. You can join the class 10 minutes before it begins. Your instructor will release you from the waiting room just before class start time.
  4. Enjoy an awesome at-home class with your favorite instructors!


Do you offer private sessions or smaller group classes?
Private sessions: You can schedule private one-on-one personal training sessions with an instructor on our team. You choose the schedule for your sessions and we’ll curate a workout catered to your fitness goals. Rate: P6,000 for two 45-minute sessions.

Private group classes: Choose from our experienced instructors on our Live schedule for a smaller class experience. Rate: P1,000 per person for one 45-minute session. Minimum 5 people, maximum of 10 people.

What equipment do I need?

Our workouts don’t require any equipment. By adding weight, you can create intensity within the workout. We recommend having a soft surface for most workouts, whether that be a yoga mat or a rug space. If you have weights, bring them (though they may not be used for all classes)! Check our Instagram page for weight substitutions if you’re looking for that added push.

What happens if I don’t use all of my sessions before the studio reopens?

No worries! Any remaining credit will be applied to classes in the studio. Please note that one Live at Home session will maintain its credit value and can be used toward session value of our regular rates.

Can I share these sessions?

Yes! There is no limit on sharing Live at Home packages! Please email us the names of who will share your package. Make sure they have an account with Elev8 first!

Can I bring my buddy complimentary?
Your in-studio sessions are good for you and a buddy! That’s right, one session is good for two people! This is good for all of our regular package types, including our Founding Member packages. This does not apply to Live at Home packages.  Your buddy can join our classes from their home, they do not need to share your screen!

Does your buddy have an account with Elev8? If not, please have them complete step one here. Once they have an account, email us to have your sessions linked to your buddy. Both of you will sign up for class so we know who to expect. For Founding Member packages, please email us at least 8 hours before class letting us know that your buddy is joining. The session your buddy books will automatically be returned to your account after the class. Have kiddos or significant other at home with you? They’re welcome to join your screen complimentary!

What’s the cancellation policy?

Please cancel your class within 12 hours of the class start time.

How do I use Zoom?

We recommend signing up a couple of days before to test it out. Ensure you enable your microphone and camera if you want to be seen and heard. Don’t worry, you can disable these during the class if you’d like!

Do I have to pay for Zoom?

No, sign up for the Basic (free) package. With Elev8 as the host, we cover the costs. You‘ll have benefits of a paid package during our classes.

Further questions? Get in touch!