We are a group of fun, energetic, like-minded health and fitness professionals with one goal – to get you moving and begging for more! Our founder and instructors dedicate their lives to Lagree Fitness™ and indoor cycling and all the benefits they have to offer. We are passionate about spreading the love of fitness around the world. We are stoked to be the first group to start the Lagree Fitness™ movement in the Philippines and Brunei!




Elev8 Founder, Co-Owner, & Instructor, Philippines


Janie turned to Lagree Fitness™ when she wasn’t getting the results she wanted from her marathon training. She began taking classes in Los Angeles and realized she found her true fitness love. She began teaching Lagree Fitness™ in San Francisco with the goal to open her own studio someday.

She has excelled as an instructor, training all over the world and teaching globally in countries such as the United States, Australia, Lebanon, and Brunei. Janie is certified in Lagree Fitness™, Schwinn Cycling, Aquaspin™, and American Council Exercise (ACE) Personal Training. She couples her positive, infectious energy with a mentality of if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Get ready to step out of your comfort zone!


Instructor, Philippines


A self-confessed “nerdy academic” and psychology lecturer by day, Bea got into the group exercise and fitness community because of her passion for sharing with others the unique sense of challenge and accomplishment that a great workout can bring. Bea is an internationally certified instructor of Les Mills BodyPump™, which she has been teaching for 8 years, and has a background in strength training and high intensity interval training.

Her favorite aspect about teaching Lagree Fitness™ is seeing clients surprise themselves with their own strength as they get hooked on the shakes and the burn!



Instructor, Philippines


Bern started dancing at the age of five and graduated from Santa Clara University in California with degrees in both business and dance. After moving back to the Philippines, she spent 10 years in the corporate world. Since then, Bern has taught ballet for 10 years, has been a Barre trainer for over 7 years, and is also a certified Piloxing SSP instructor. Bern also served as a choreographer for several corporate events and recently became a rowing instructor.

Whether guiding her young ballet students or leading her group fitness classes, Bern always tries to make each session both challenging and fun. She is excited to be a part of the Elev8 community and hopes that her passion and enthusiasm for Lagree Fitness™ will transform the mind and bodies of everyone she has the opportunity to teach!



Instructor, Philippines


Carla’s love for movement and sports started at a young age. She was an athletic scholar at Ateneo de Manila University and competed in the UAAP with the Women’s Football and the Track and Field Varsity teams. After college, she joined the Philippine National Futsal Team and competed in the Asian Indoor Games and the SEA Games, garnering a Bronze medal in the latter. Carla left her career in brand management to be able to positively affect people’s lives through wellness. She is now certified in the Yogaworks™ 200-Hr Program, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, Flyweight Group Boxing, and is currently training for her 500-Hr Yoga certification.

Carla fell in love with Lagree Fitness™ when she felt the tone in her core the day after her first session. She felt stronger with every class, which translated into better performance and mindfulness in her other training disciplines. She knew this was more than just a physical workout – it was also strengthening her mentally.

Carla hopes to share this unique workout with more people and help them strengthen themselves, be more mindful, and to have fun while doing it! She wants her students to realize and own their beauty and strength.



Instructor, Philippines


With a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, Claudia fell in love with Lagree Fitness™ the moment she stepped foot on a Megaformer™. Her interest in fitness inspired her to experience the new boutique fitness studios all over the city. She firmly believes that staying fit does not have to be dull and boring – everyone just has to find their own perfect workout! Aside from becoming a certified Lagree Fitness™ instructor, Claudia is also a Schwinn certified indoor cycling instructor.

Claudia founded a home-based business, The Unbakery, which started from her love for healthy food!



Instructor, Philippines


Mel is a true fitness success story. After a family member fell ill, her and her family shifted their lifestyles and began focusing on their health. She swapped out fried foods for fitness, lost 80 pounds, and pursued a career in the health and wellness industry.

She has been teaching barre3 for 7 years and yoga for 3. Lagree Fitness™ is her newest passion, something she fell head-over-grip-socks in love with when she discovered how intense it was, and how it’s modifiable for people of all fitness levels.

In her spare time, Mel loves to run, bike long distance and sing in the rain. She is the alto of Baihana – an awesome jazz vocal trio – and is one of the vocalists of the Blue Rats, the country’s longest-running blues band.

Come experience Mel’s energy and heart for fitness!



Instructor, Philippines


With a strong passion for teaching, Michelle has transformed her life through fitness and wellness. Having been a yoga instructor for three years, with certifications for different disciplines of Yoga, Barre and Spin tucked in her sleeve, she continues to find ways to make her students understand that fitness is holistic rather than just physical, and aims to make them reap its benefits with every class. She firmly believes that no matter what the starting point, everyone has the ability to become the person they desire.

She fell in love with Lagree Fitness™ classes, which is why she immediately took the opportunity to train so she can continue to learn and grow. She loves how Lagree Fitness™ is the combination of challenge and grace in every move, getting stronger each and every time she steps on the Megaformer™.

Michelle is ecstatic to be part of the Elev8 community. With her grounded and fun teaching style, motivating, positive energy, her students not only get physically fit, but they also end up loving life more! She is dedicated and will always offer support and encouragement every step of the way. Get ready to shake and burn!



Instructor, Philippines


Prem has spent the past couple of years as a fitness instructor in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. He comes back to the Motherland to become the first local Lagree Fitness™ Instructor in the Philippines! His love for Lagree Fitness™ started in Las Vegas where he found the perfect complement to his CrossFit and HIIT regimen. Over the years, Prem has added different modalities of fitness in his repertoire such as Hot Pilates, TRX, Kettlebell, Barre, Spin and most recently completing a Hatha Yoga certification in India.

Make sure to catch his classes! They are full of life, energy and sass! When not in the studio, you are sure to catch him sashaying his stuff around BGC in his favorite pair of pekpek shorts.



Instructor, Philippines


Growing up, Mel was always active in sports, including swimming, tennis, and squash, but it was yoga that she really fell in love with. In 2009, after three years of consistent practice, she decided to complete the Bikram yoga training. In 2014, she did training in power yoga with Bryan Kest. As her practice deepened, she started seeing yoga as more than just a workout and looked for another medium to turn to for her exercise. It was during this time that she joined Manila’s first indoor cycling studio as an instructor.

Mel is very open minded about trying out different fitness concepts and was eager to learn the Lagree method when Elev8 opened. During her very first Lagree class, she didn’t know what was going on but the feeling afterwards kept her coming back for more! She is very happy and grateful to be part of this amazing team and is looking forward to growing with the rest of the Lagree community in the country.



Instructor, Philippines


Pat has always been passionate about health and fitness. She is a Physical Education teacher at The Beacon School and is currently the school’s curriculum coordinator for the department. Having a background in physical education, she understands the importance of staying active and finding a good workout that will both keep you challenged and wanting more.

It was when she first tried Lagree Fitness that she realized that this is her niche! Pat loves being surrounded by healthy, active people with super fun and positive energy and brings that same energy to her classes.



Instructor, Philippines


Mae was always active in dancing and sports growing up, as her love for movement started at a young age. When she discovered yoga, she left the comfort and security of her corporate job to teach full time. She became certified for different disciplines of yoga and also taught the barre technique.

It wasn’t long before Mae heard about the Lagree method. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she decided to attend a class and it was love at first shake. She enjoyed how each class challenged both her body and mind. Mae was hooked and when the opportunity to train for Lagree presented itself, she knew she couldn’t pass it up.

Learning to use the breath, to focus and to have proper alignment are three of the things Mae hopes to teach her students. “Start strong, finish stronger.”



Elev8 Master Trainer


It was love at first lunge when Piper discovered Lagree Fitness™ in 2007. A former fashion designer and Cincinnati, Ohio, native, Piper brings high-energy and the motivation to move to Elev8 Lagree Fitness Studio. Piper quickly realized that the Megaformer™ is more than just a workout, but also something that can inspire change in every aspect of your life. As a coach, she wants to support and create the opportunities for you to shine and uncover what you can do, in and out of the studio.

As a Master Trainer for Lagree Fitness™ since 2012, she has been lucky to share her passion with licensees, trainers and students all over the world. She shares what was once a Hollywood workout with studios all across the USA, Europe, Australia, and now here in the Philippines!





Lagree Instructor, Brunei


Maria is an aspiring clinical psychologist who is also very passionate about fitness. Maria decided to become a part-time fitness instructor as a way to relieve stress while she was earning her degree in Psychology. Maria is also certified in personal training, Les Mills Body Pump, and Body Combat with a background in strength and high intensity interval trainings. Her next goal is to become a Yoga instructor.

Maria loves a challenge and trying out new things. When she first heard about Lagree Fitness™, she knew right away that she would want to become certified. She fell in love the moment she laid eyes on the Megaformer and enrolled in the Lagree Fitness™ certification program a few days later. Maria is excited to watch Bruneians fall in love with this amazing and innovative workout!