Instructor Highlight: Carla Gadi

We are so excited to announce that Carla has been promoted to Lead Instructor!  Carla has been with us since the beginning and has brought so much value to our team. We are pumped to watch her blossom in this new role as she assists Janie in leading our team. Don’t worry, this won’t change her schedule, you’ll still be able to catch her during all her regular class times!

How have you seen yourself grow and learn since you joined us in September 2017?
Since my first class at Elev8, I feel I’ve grown by looking at things via the big picture, while still being methodical with the details. I feel I’ve taught enough classes to deliver a great experience for our clients with every class. I feel I’ve also grown by sharing more of myself with our community – instructors, staff, and clients alike – creating heartwarming connections that motivate me to keep going.

What do you like best about teaching at Elev8?
I love how teaching at Elev8 inspires me to continue to learn so that I can be of best service to our community and live my purpose. I love refining knowledge on what works for our clients to develop their performance, and also how to support them when life throws them a curve ball. I also enjoy working with the Elev8 team! We have such a diverse group of instructors and staff that there is never a dull moment. Last but not the least, the clients at Elev8 are so genuine and warm, it makes the studio feel like home.

What are you most excited about for your new role?
I get to collaborate and spend more time with the best SRT team in the world!  Every instructor brings something different to the table and I’m excited to pick their brains to get to know them even more. 

What is your favorite Elev8 move and why?

I love a juicy Twisted Inchworm! It stretches out my tight lats and side body and deeply fires up my obliques. Imagining that I am an actual inchworm also makes this a fun one. An exercise that amuses me and tortures me at the same time!

Tell us about your certifications I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, certified in Slow Resistance Training (SRT) and Advanced SRT, Lagree Fitness, Yogaworks 200-Hr Teacher Training Program, Yin Yoga, Inside Flow, Yoga, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, Flyweight Group Boxing, and am currently completing my 300-Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification under Joan Hyman. I’m also currently undergoing my Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification under NASM.
Your anatomy knowledge is very extensive. Tell us about your education.
I’ve always had a knack for the human body since training competitively in sports at a young age. However, my first dabble with anatomy training was during my 200-Hr Yogaworks Teacher Training with David Kim in 2013. I then studied Dr. Ray Long’s anatomy books and did a 4-day workshop with him a year later. Discussions on anatomy would show up in my succeeding trainings/certifications but mostly I do self-study by reading anatomy books, my NASM textbooks, looking up online material, learning from anatomy apps, and most especially, exploring and applying what I learn in my own body.