BGC Studio Access

IMPORTANT! The Elev8 community has had some pretty sweet deals in the past because we’ve been a part of the cool kids club. Unfortunately, we’ve had instances where Elev8 clients were not waiting in line for elevator passes, not using Government-issued IDs or not being the super cool people we know you are with the Ore staff.

Please note that this is Ore’s regular process that has been followed by all of the building’s guests and has been implemented for Elev8 clients effective immediately. Please respectfully follow the below guidelines and allow yourself an extra 5 minutes to get checked into the building. A kind reminder that if you do not arrive by the class start time your spot may be given to a waitlisted client. 

  1. When you arrive to the building please enter the queue on the left side of the desk.
  2. Submit your government-issued ID to obtain an elevator pass. Ore will not accept any expired IDs, membership cards, company IDs, etc. 
  3. Have your photo taken (this needs to be done each time you visit Ore).

Good vibes only, guys. Let’s treat others the way we’d want to be treated!