The health and safety of our clients and staff has always been our number one priority. We have implemented policies throughout our new home to ensure you have the safest experience possible. Please take a moment to read the updates below prior to booking a session.




The following policies were implemented in
our new space effective January 9, 2021.

Schedule. Our schedule ensures the space is empty for 30 minutes between each session for cleaning procedures. Should you be late to your appointment, you will be required to vacate the machine within one hour of your appointment start time. Children and/or companions are not allowed.
Vax Verification. Podium Mall requires all guests to be vaccinated. Your Front Desk Rockstar will ask you to flash your Vax Card on your first visit back. Photos of your card are a-okay! Plan ahead so you have time to complete this step before your first class back. We’ll keep it on file so you only have to show us once.

Lockers are available in Podium. Keys are sanitized after each use.

Per IATF spacing guidelines, two people per class will be allowed to use our two showers. Limiting shower use allows us to properly disinfect. Masks must be worn before exiting the shower. Showers are on a first come, first served basis. Plan ahead and please respect that our Front Desk Rockstars are following government guidelines.
Timing is Key. We really miss you and cannot wait to catch up! In an effort to reduce the number of individuals, please refrain from arriving more than 15 minutes before your scheduled visit and aim to depart within 15 minutes after class.
Cancellation Policy. Due to the limited number of machines, we strictly enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please cancel your class 24 hours before class to avoid losing your session.



Machine Spacing.
There are limited Megaformers available to accommodate social distancing.
Staff Measures. Staff are fully vaccinated, required to wear a face covering at all times, and maintain a safe distance from clients.



Waiver. All clients are required to sign our updated waiver prior to their appointment.


Facial Coverings. Per IATF guidelines, masks are optional for workouts in an outdoor setting and/or high ceilings with proper ventilation. You do you and decide what makes you most comfortable. Masks are strictly prohibited from being hung from the Megaformer.
Top Grade Disinfectant and Cleaning. Our team uses Lysol, which disinfects 99.9% of surface germs. We thoroughly sanitize the cushion soft pieces of the equipment and the air after each appointment.


Accessing Class. All classes in Podium will be taught with the instructor present. All appointments in BGC will be hosted virtually via Zoom. You can access the virtual class from our BGC location on our device; however, please bring your own earbuds. Failure to bring your earbuds will result in a late cancellation of your appointment. The moderator of the virtual class will admit you into the Zoom room 1-5 minutes before the scheduled appointment.  You can expect to have friends join you virtually from their home. Sessions are integrated, you may hear cues for Micros and Megas.


Package Activation.Previously purchased in-studio sessions and Mega/Micro Packages are eligible for use in BGC or Podium. All packages have been activated with the same amount of validity plus a grace period of 3 months, regardless if you use your sessions immediately.


Online Classes. They are here to stay throughout 2022! We understand that not everyone will be ready to return right away, therefore, you can continue our awesome online sessions and get your sweat on in the safety of your own home. You can avail of a discounted Mega/Micro Package here.



We are all in this together and our actions will help keep us all safe!

Symptoms. Please do not come to your session if you feel sick or have any illness symptoms (especially cough, fever, shortness of breath). For the safety of our whole community, you will be asked to leave if you exhibit any illness symptoms.

Person to Person Contact.
Please limit your contact with other individuals. Let’s bring back the air high five!



If you have tested positive for Covid-19, please refrain from joining classes until you’ve tested negative or fully recovered.




We appreciate everyone's support during these challenging times and look forward to seeing you online. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.