Client Spotlight: Yessa Yu

This week we are featuring Yessa Yu, an indoor cycling instructor, Elev8 regular, and Century Club Member. We chatted with her about how Elev8 provides her the stamina she needs in the classes she teaches. 

How often do you take class at Elev8?
I aim to get on the Megaformer around twice a week.

As a fitness instructor, what workouts do you do outside of teaching? 
Besides indoor cycling, the only other workout that I would devote my precious 45 minutes to is Elev8. 

Does Elev8 help your stamina and energy in the classes you teach?  
Each Lagree move is designed to target the smallest muscles in the body which perfectly complements the big, explosive movements that we do at Electric Studio. Since both workouts aim to hit the core hard, they build a strong foundation for overall stamina and energy no matter the physical activity. 

Why is cross training so important to you? 
Aside from adding some spice to my workout routine, cross training effectively helps build muscles by keeping them constantly challenged and confused.

Can you recall how you felt during and after your first class versus your 100th class?
Proud and in pain. ๐Ÿ™‚

What does the Century Club mean to you and why was it an important milestone to reach?
Because it’s the shakes that make me stronger and I am ready to keep on rocking.