Client Spotlight: Kristina Capistrano

This week our client spotlight focuses on Kristina Capistrano who recently gave birth to a little Mega star in training! We chatted with Kristina to learn all about the Mega love that she experienced at Elev8 during her pregnancy. With a few modifications throughout pregnancy, Lagree FitnessTM is safe up until delivery. We require our expecting mothers to have begun Lagree prior to pregnancy. If at any time you are expecting a little bundle of love please inform your instructor so we can offer you the safest, most effective workout!


How did Elev8 help you through your pregnancy?

I started a workout routine before I got pregnant. I noticed it helped me with my morning sickness, and it also helped me slow down my weight gain. My recovery was so much faster too.

What Elev8 exercises did you enjoy most during your pregnancy?

I loved the upper body exercises the most. While it might be easiest, it was most effective for me. The instructors would also guide me in every class and tell me which movements I can and can’t do.

What advice would you give to other expecting mothers?

Each pregnancy is different. Find a workout you enjoy. Listen to your body, and do things at your own pace. You know your body the best.

What are you most excited for post-pregnancy?

Now with three kids, hopefully, I get my routine back. Lagree is also a good outlet and environment for me where I get to focus and take care of myself even a few minutes in a day. I know I have to start from scratch and work harder to be stronger. It’s never easy, but I know I have to start somewhere.