Client Spotlight: Isabelle Yap

This week we are featuring Isabelle Yap, who recently joined the Elev8 Century Club while pregnant! Isabelle is due on June 6th. Her next class is on June 5th, just one day before her due date! Elev8 is so excited to be a part of Isabelle’s journey. We can’t wait to meet her Mega baby, who has recently enjoyed the advance Arms, Abs, Oblique classes! We chatted with her about her journey to 100 classes and how it’s helped her throughout her pregnancy. 

How often do you take class?
I normally take class 2-3 times a week. Later in my pregnancy, I’ve stuck to about 2 times a week.

What does the Century Club mean to you and why was it an important milestone to reach?  
Even before I was pregnant, I considered Elev8 to be such an important complement to my other HIIT workouts, such as boxing and circuit training. I also saw results pretty quickly in how my body became stronger and more toned. Therefore, I really wanted to stick to practicing Elev8 on a regular basis. Being a member of the Century Club was just the icing on the cake!

You did over 70 classes during your pregnancy! WOW! How has consistent practice at Elev8 helped you in your active daily living (pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy)  
First off, I never knew I did 70 classes while pregnant! But this is probably due to the fact that Elev8 has been one of the things that has kept me sane throughout my whole pregnancy! I was lucky enough to have a husband and doctor who were supportive of my exercise routine. I was also fortunate to not have severe morning sickness early into my pregnancy so I was able to continuously attend classes throughout my 9 months. Elev8 challenged me to stay fit and keep my energy levels up while my body changed. I also thought that my baby enjoyed the class too – he would be very quiet as if being rocked during the class and would be active just as I ended! Pre-pregnancy, Elev8 was also great for toning, especially the core.

Can you recall how you felt during / after your first timer package versus your 100th class? 
The first few times were a little difficult because I was still learning the moves and so I felt I was not paying attention too much on my form. Also, muscles I haven’t worked out before were suddenly being worked out so it felt painful sometimes to do the full exercise. By the 100th class, I feel much more knowledgeable and comfortable doing the exercises properly, and even confident enough to suggest modifications to my workout based on how I’m feeling. Janie and all the instructors are also very well-trained on what exercises work for me at different stages in my pregnancy so I learned modifications from them as well. 

What advice would you give to other Elev8’ers to aim and reach for the Century Club? 
Definitely keep challenging yourself as you do more classes, whether it’s lunging lower or adjusting your stance to add more weight. This will keep things interesting and won’t leave you stagnate. I would also recommend trying the new classes such as Arms, Abs and Obliques or Cardio Leg Party cause the instructors always have new moves they try out there!

How will you motivate yourself post-pregnancy to push towards Century Club Gold (200 classes)? Go Isabelle! 
I definitely want to get back into shape post-pregnancy so I don’t think I’ll have any problems with motivation! Now I’ll just need to find a schedule that works with having a newborn. πŸ™‚