Client Spotlight: Dimples Wee and Lala Gotao

This week we are featuring Dimples Wee and Lala Gotao. These Mega stars started their Elev8 journey with private classes and now take 4-5 classes a week in group classes. We chatted with them about their transition from private classes and what the Century Club means to them. 

What is it about private classes that appealed to you?

Dimples: Private classes are perfect for those who have little or no background in any form of fitness, like myself. Before trying out Lagree, I was not doing any form of exercise and the idea of a one-on-one made me less self-conscious. 

Lala: When I first heard about Elev8, I was eager to try it because I had just stopped nursing my youngest son and was ready to get back into shape. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into! I thought my background in pilates would help but it was a totally different workout altogether. I was not prepared with the pace of the first group class so I asked Maus and Janie if I could just take privates first.

What did you gain from private sessions?

Dimples: For me, the idea of a private class was to be able to gain confidence through knowledge of the Megaformer and much needed preparation in order to join the group classes. 

Lala: Definitely more awareness in terms of the movement and proper alignment. Also, there was less pressure to keep up if I felt tired or faint.


How did private sessions prepare you for group classes?

Dimples: The Megaformer can be very intimidating at the start so with the help of private classes, I got to know the machine better at my own pace. 

Lala: More than anything, it was the confidence, being familiar with the Megaformer, and the different names thrown in class. Also, proper alignment and engagement thru the solo time in privates.

Can you recall how you felt feel during and after your first private session versus your 100th group class?             

Dimples: On my 100th class, I felt a lot stronger, more confident in executing the different exercises on the Megaformer, thus being able to have quick transitions from one exercise to the next.

Lala: The feeling I felt during my first class was that of total disbelief! I kept telling myself “wth is this torture?!” I really didn’t know what I got myself into. By my 100th class I have become a completely different person both physically and mentally. 

What does the Century Club mean to you and why was it an important milestone to reach?            

Dimples: Being a part of the Century Club makes me proud of what I have accomplished for myself, and I am truly glad that at Elev8 they celebrate this milestone. 

Lala: More than just the physical and mental rewards this workout has given me, its such an honor to be part of a dynamic and supportive community! The positive energy felt before, during and after class is something that helps me a lot in my daily life. The friends I have made makes coming to class so enjoyable and I really can’t see myself living without it! 

What advice would you give to new clients that are nervous to join group classes?

Dimples: For new clients who are nervous to join group classes, I strongly recommend going for a few private classes to gain confidence.

Lala: Group classes at Elev8 help push you to be the best you can be when doing Lagree. Although private sessions prepared me for the technical part of the workout, group classes are definitely more fun. It’s a grueling 45-minute workout and knowing you are all in there to get things done, despite all the groaning and whining — makes finishing class much more rewarding!