Client Spotlight

This week we are featuring three members of Elev8 Century Club Gold, Kam Gamilla, Myla Mendez, and Angela Jung. Collectively, these Mega stars have taken over 1,000 classes! We chatted about what that means to them, and how they strengthen and build relationships through Elev8.

How many classes a week do you take class at Elev8?
We all take class about five times a week. 

What do you like about working out with friends at Elev8? 
It’s just heaps more FUN when my friends are around! It helps that the friends I have at Elev8 are positive, determined and strong both in mind and body. We know how to have fun while pushing beyond our personal limits. That’s very encouraging to be surrounded with once the muscle fatigue kicks in.

It motivates me and sometimes during class I think about where we will eat after class so it makes me workout harder.

Has working out together strengthened your relationships in any way?
Yes because we see each other every day to workout. Just like they say – friends that workout together stay together! 

My friends at Elev8 are all lovely to be with, on and off the Mega. I’ve definitely made friends for keeps, with clients and with Elev8’s fabulous team. 

Does working out with friends motivate you differently versus working out alone?
Sometimes I work out alone because of my schedule. I love the Megaformer a lot but it is hard; if I am with friends it is more fun. 

It helps me a lot toward my goals. Everyday I feel that there’s no excuse for me not to go because I have tons of support. When you workout together you can push yourself to go outside your comfort zone. 

It’s only in Elev8 where I actually prefer to work out with friends, simply because it’s more than just a workout when they’re around. To me, it’s an uplifting and enriching experience to be in the Elev8 studio. Before and/or after class, we catch up and share stories about absolutely anything. During class, we all have different body types so we focus on ourselves—what’s common are the shakes and burn, which we endure by giggling, groaning and rolling our eyes together.

Have you made any new friends at Elev8?
More than I could have ever imagined! I love the Elev8 regulars and the whole team…we’re all pretty much good vibes only and grateful to be doing a fantastic workout together. 

How do you feel from your first class compared to your 100th, 200th, or 300th class?

My first few classes were in Boston. I was completely lost, but fell in love with the method nonetheless. The science behind Lagree was something I believed in because I felt and saw the change almost instantly. It’s really one of those workouts that changes one’s body composition when done with correct form and consistency. Doing Lagree at Elev8 taught me how to really listen to my body, appreciate its uniqueness and take care of it. By my 200th class, I was adding springs and doing variations to challenge myself even more. 

This is the only class that pushes me to keep coming back for more and even if I did more than 300 classes I don’t feel that I know it all. There’s  always a lot of room for me to learn and get stronger.            

What does being in the Elev8 Century Club mean to you?
Being a Century Club member is an achievement for me. Anything that you set your mind to is possible and when you can do Lagree, you feel that you can do anything and everything.

Being part of the Elev8 Century Club feels like home while being part of a world-class team and community. Visiting Lagree Master Trainers used to tell us that we’re so lucky here in Elev8 and I couldn’t completely understand why. Now having tried Lagree in three continents, Elev8 sets the bar high in the precise and effective instruction of the method, full-service care/ambience and great community. Everyday I thank the Heavens I was a part of it from the start.