Join the safest and most effective pre- and post-natal workout for women of all levels!


Pregnancy - Elevator Lunge
Bump and Burn Pregnancy was created out of an extreme need for thoughtful inclusivity for Moms-to-be and recovering Moms. We focus on supporting two of the most important life phases for both Mom and baby with science-based programming and no compromise. Every Mom will get a safe, challenging and results-driven workout that focuses specifically on muscles used for carrying and delivering her baby, as well as muscles that promote better recovery from pregnancy and delivery.

Each class is geared towards your specific trimester and level of activity desired. We prioritize structural muscles that assist the pelvis, spine and shoulders with weight bearing for the ever-changing body. We encourage increased blood flow throughout the body and take thoughtful care of the nervous system to allow deeper synergy in the body. Programming is designed with all of this in mind, without simplifying or watering down the class. Motherhood requires many compromises, but your workout doesn’t need to be one of them!

We activate targeted muscles without pure effective muscle stimulation (normally seen in our Full Body group classes), allowing for the necessary balance needed for the pregnant body. Our classes are thoughtfully designed in a way to ensure clients are able to support the physical demands of pregnancy on the body without risk.
Our Instructors go through extensive training before teaching our Bump + Burn classes. Rest assured you will always receive the safest and most effective workout for Mom and baby.



Why is exercise important after giving birth?

Pregnancy and birth is one of the most physically demanding life changes in any woman’s life, not only on the level of strength and endurance, but also on the amount of change that it places on a woman’s body, exercise is needed to prepare for birth and/or get back into shape.

Why don’t we focus on pure effective muscle stimulation the way we do in other Elev8 classes?

Complete muscle failure is not always beneficial in the same way for someone who is pregnant. If your body isn’t accustomed to our workout and depending on your level of activity, we created a workout to limit your risk of injury and prevent alignment issues. We balance muscle fatigue in a way that focuses on muscles that are specific to a pre-natal lifestyle. We prepare the birth muscles, neck, and shoulders for carrying the baby, delivery, and recovery. Most importantly, we prep pelvic stabilizers to be weight bearing and accommodate growth without injury, which sets you up for a more successful postpartum.

Why do we do the warm-up off of the Megaformer?

We do our warm-up off of the Megaformer with low-impact compound full body movements. During pregnancy, we want blood flowing more seamlessly throughout the body to help support proper muscle activation and alignment while on the Megaformer. Starting on the floor will allow you to safely access the muscles needed for class with less risk for common pregnancy injuries created by a destabilized pelvis, shifting/inaccessible trunk muscles, and hyper-mobile ligaments and joints.

Why do we do cardio boost exercises?

It’s important to maintain a level of intensity throughout the class. The cardio boosts increase stamina and strength needed to stay active and mobile during pregnancy and build a strong foundation for delivery. Think of it like marathon training; we are providing the building blocks and individualized training to prepare you for one of the most athletic events of your life.

Can I take a pre/post-natal class if I have never exercised at Elev8?

Yes, our pre/post-natal classes are designed with a focus on functionality so that anyone at any stage of their pregnancy can take this class without any experience. In fact, you can also take this class if you are 10 years’ postpartum or are recovering from a recent surgery. A doctor’s medical clearance may be required for some post-op patients. This class is also a much safer approach for those who are considering IVF because it minimizes aggravation in the uterine environment.

Can I take these classes in either studio?

We currently have Bump + Burn classes available in our BGC studio. Private pre- and post-natal classes are available in any studio.


Amanda Santiago
I got into Slow Resistance Training due to my diastasis recti from my first pregnancy. I regained strength in my core and improved my condition.
Amanda Santiago
Prasana Lee
Elev8 allowed me to keep fit and aware of my health during pregnancy. With the guidance I was able to keep strong, carry my baby better and maintain great legs during pregnancy!
Prasana Lee
Kristina Capistrano
I noticed Elev8 helped me with my morning sickness, and it also helped me slow down my weight gain. My recovery was so much faster too.
Kristina Capistrano
Michelle Co Say
Working out while pregnant is a great way to cope with all the changes in your body. Elev8 helped a lot with my back pain and made me feel strong and fit while carrying my baby.
Michelle Co Say